Cleo Records is a fast paced music PR hero that’s absolutely passionate about working with the best indie music bands out there. I am based in London and work with some of the most exciting projects from around the globe.

I don’t give a fuck about music genres.┬áMy roster goes from rock to electronic music and everything and anything in between. Fueled by my unlimited knowledge of digital media, I consider myself as a social media wizard. From your messy room to an arena full of people, I will introduce your magic music to the world.

If you are an emerging unsigned or confirmed band, a major label or an indie label, kudos you’ve come to the right place! According to your brief, I can deliver creative and effective campaigns on a competitive budget, whether you are an unsigned band looking to build your profile online or an established artist who wants to maintain or grow your fanbase. I can suggest you a creative campaign that suits you. You’ll get into the media throughout the year without huge cost.

Good music is at the heart of everything I do. I strive to work only with bands, labels and artists that I am fan of. I meticulously target journalists, the core of great PR.

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